About us

Centre for architecture and urban planning (CAU) is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm offering a broad range of services spread across four main disciplines: construction, consultancy and management, master planning and field research.

Since its foundation in 2008 as a spatial planning bureau, the company rapidly expanded its bespoke scope of work while maintaining a clear focus on delivering high quality professional service to its clients and growing the experienced team it employs. The firm is constantly investing in its resources in order to keep in line with the increasing complexity of clients’ requests and abiding procedures. With our expertise and knowledge in the civil engineering industry, good knowledge of procedures, building laws and regulations, we can offer full commitment to our clients through our services in all the phases of a development project, from the initial idea to the very realisation. Reliability, high quality and professionalism are some of the key CAU traits, recognised by foreign and domestic clients. “Learning by doing” is approach where CAU, as multi-disciplinary system, reinforces and proves its quality and reputation continuously setting good example of business operating and providing broader social contribution.

At present CAU has over 50 permanently employed engineers of various disciplines and departments (architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical, hydraulic, transportation engineering, landscaping, conservation, geological, technical, land surveying) while other employees are professionals in the field of management, finances, book-keeping, etc. CAU has around 30 licences that cover all the design work disciplines.