Consultancy and Management

Project management

It turned out that in the age of globalization and value of information, teamwork of networked systems and individuals from around the world is becoming a trend in serious projects aimed at quality and creative improvement of planning-engineering trade in these spaces, as well as provision of comprehensive services in presently increasing complexity of clients’ requests and abiding procedures. Therefore, the company is structured in such way to respond to the most demanding requests from developers in terms of project management – management of tourist resorts, complex infrastructural and engineering structures, industrial structures, hotels, etc.

Design management

With our expertise and knowledge in the civil engineering industry, design development experience, good knowledge of procedures, building laws and regulations, we can offer design management service throughout all phases of the project. The service involves monitoring of the consultants involved in the design development, cooperation with the design team and reporting to the client.

Project structuring

Relying on the expertise and the network the firm and its managements has built so far, CAU is able to offer its clients a comprehensive service of assembling the team of consultants required for each of the project phases as well as producing a detailed phasing timetable which enables the investors to reach their investment targets.

Cost management

Estimation of the required resources and design optimisation enabling the effective completion of the project while keeping in line with the approved budget and carefully accounting for the risk management and contingency reserve.

Investment advisory

Value-creation driven advise on the full breath of project financial analysis, the construction process and the asset management strategy, with the goal of securing real return on investment for our clients.

Permitting, regulation and procedures – Local consultants for international clients

As a local consultant, we provide our clients with a service of local architect/engineer of record which encompasses a wide array of sub-services required for project realisation. These services range such as: interpretation of local planning, utility, taxation regulations, and identification of legislative constraints and opportunities, interpretation of existing spatial planning documentation and identification of opportunities, preparation of budget estimation based on current and forecasted local circumstances and world market trends, engineering guidance for optimum technical solutions adjusted to local circumstances, control of design documents making sure it is aligned with relevant local legislation, spatial planning documentation and correction of these documents to ensure granting of construction and other permits.